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About Hipster Homestead


Hipster Homestead is a line of playful, practical stationery and home goods products for the modern, urban homesteader. The creators, sisters Maura and Kelsey, are social homebodies: they love their homes and love spending time at home with their friends and family. They want HH products to be the kind that can be used again and again and can help to make your home a beautiful, comfortable place to be.

Maura designs HH products and makes them pretty to look at. Kelsey texts Maura all her good product ideas and makes sure HH products are durable and useful. Whenever possible, HH products are made locally.

Maura is a graphic designer in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. In another life, Maura would like to be a sommelier with 14 dogs and a large shoe closet. She loves mystery podcasts, the color yellow, and very strong coffee.

Kelsey is a marketing analyst living with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. She believes that the list of her favorite foods (pimento cheese, chocolate covered cherries, fried rice, lemon icebox pie, goat cheese, champagne, and guacamole, to name just a few) is the most accurate description of her personality.

Both Maura and Kelsey are proud dog moms who love cooking, reading, eating locally, drinking well, and sharing a good pun.